Journey through India begins in Mumbai… Dec 28 2011


A memorable three-week journey began with a quick stop in Mumbai to visit family and to hit some stores I found on WGSN’s Mumbai City by City Guide. We wove in and out of a sea of yellow and black rickshaws (3-wheeled taxi). Stepping out and trying to cross the streets was like a live game of Frogger. As Priya and I stood frozen trying to figure out a strategic time to cross, a kind older man wearing a light blue turban saw our struggle, and came out of the famous “Little Punjab” restaurant to help my sister and I cross the street. Hey, isn’ t it suppose to be the two of us helping the older gentleman cross the street? LOL. I forgot how helpful strangers can be in Mumbai… especially with two ABCDs (American Born and Confused Desis).

Beggar with cow in Bandra West – December 28, 2012

This ornate man is actually a beggar walking with his decorated cow. He approached us as we sat on the outside patio of a coffee shop in Bandra West. Feeling bad for the elderly man, my sister gave him some money.

Haji Ali Mosque, Mumbai – December 28, 2011

We’re on our way to visit our cousins in South Bombay. Taking a taxi over the new Bandra – Worli Sea Link cuts our travel time in 1/2.  The beautiful new suspension bridge is one of many examples of India’s massive efforts to improve its transportation infrastructure. Passing by Haji Ali is always like poetry in motion. The contrast of a muslim man praying as he gazes at the floating mosque in the Arabian Sea, seemingly oblivious to the chaotic traffic behind him.  He is the perfect illustration of what I love so much about Mumbai. A city filled with constant depictions of co-existing dichotomies.

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